Friday, October 23, 2015

The Haze Runner

Haze, how do I not love thee? 

Every year Malaysia got hit with haze and it seems never ending. This year is not an exception too, sigh. Info here Other than rain and dry season, we also have haze season. However, this year is nastier thanks to the constant burning effort from Indonesian, the typhoon, the boy El Nino etc. Geographically, Malaysia and Singapore are at disadvantage as the haze easily migrated from Indonesia (Sumatra and Kalimantan) to here. The haze migration started in early September this year and showing no sign of retreating even in late October. Experts said it will continue until December or January. Read here Dem. Deep down, I somehow wish the haze to reach Jakarta, Bali and Bandung but it’s just a wishful thinking. Perhaps the haze issue will be resolved fast if the haze reach there. Thanks to the haze, flights are being cancelled, people stranded, schools closed, more health related cases, less agriculture production and we become less productive as well. The terrifying info on composition of Indonesian haze can be read here,

The Maze Haze Runner
It’s advisable to not running outdoor. I won’t run as I don’t want to jeopardize my health. Safety first. Yes, I do envy those who are brave enough to run in the haze. Maybe they have platinum lungs. Oh I envy more! I will definitely not going to run if the Air Pollution Index (API) is more than 90. Usually the haze is less visible with slightly burnt smell for API 90 and below. Some say 100 below is safe enough to run. 90 is my own standard. My most favourite website (have to) is This is the Department of Environment's (DOE) official application for Air Pollutant Index (API). Please click at API Table (hourly) to get the hourly reading throughout Malaysia. All related parties refer here before making any decision.

Let’s talk more on running and haze. Dr. Derek Li, an elite runner from Singapore discussed it well at this blog, You also can read about this topic at, and Conclusion, please monitor the API reading first. If the reading is okay, you can proceed to outdoor running and if it’s not, please run indoor in a well air conditioned room.

Makan, makan, makan, makan dan makan lagi
A number of running races had been postponed and cancelled in Malaysia. High profile races with high cash prizes can’t escape this fate as well. The cancelled/postponed races are Mizuno Wave Run (cancelled, later changed to postponed), Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM), BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon (BSNPNM) and The International Morib Duathlon. A few more will follow suit. The organizer did the right thing to postpone/cancel the race although it’s not a popular action to begin with. The safety of runners are their main concern. Many runners expressed their anger and frustration to the races official Facebook page. So much drama. Personally I think they should not let their emotion clouds their judgement. Yes, you lose some because of flight ticket & hotel booking but it’s not organizer’s fault. T&C has stated clearly that there’ll be not refund, compensation or whatsoever in the event of cancellation. Please blame the Indonesian who started the fire. Move on please. Please don’t be selfish.

Oh snap! Pic from FB

Haze season is my off season. Not going to run outdoor and perhaps not going to run at all LOL. Err maybe run a little. No race for me, not worth risking my health for PB/podium. See y'll again when this season ends. Wake me up when September haze ends ;)

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