Friday, April 24, 2015

Jan Recap!

I’m going to do a quick recap on my running activities in January 2015. 1st was KL Car Free Day (3rd Jan), 2nd was Skechers Running Clinic (14th Jan) & 3rd was Engineers for Makna Run (15th Jan).

KL Car Free Day, Dataran DBKL, 3rd Jan 2015

 I wanted to run @ KL Car Free Day since their 1st edition last year but wasn’t able to do so. I went there with Aizat and met many familiar faces. Happening crowd. The flagoff was done a little late and I was able to clock only 15km due to time constraint. One loop roughly 7km and I did two. It was a fun-filled morning with all kinds of people doing their favourite exercise like cycling, running, walking, skating etc. The KL Car Free Day was held twice per month this year, in 1st & 3rd Sunday. They held once in a month last year. I would like to suggest this free event to all. Not everyday you can do your favourite activities on the main road in the heart of KL.

Yours truly @ KL Car Free Day
PBIM 2014 finisher (sort of) reunion ;)
I love this photo! Tq Running Malaysia Magazine!
Wait for me please!
Friends @ KL Car Free Day. Lovely!
Skechers Running Clinics, 14th Jan 2015
I wanted to participate this running clinic for quite some time and finally able to do so on 14th Jan 2015. I read many positive reviews on this running clinic. Their head trainer is Olya and she’s a great PT. I even downloaded her videos on core training. Another reason was every participants will receive Skechers discount voucher at the end of training. Yeay! For a cheapskate runner like me, discount voucher is highly appreciated. I registered myself at few days prior to the event.  Many thanks to #bangirunners (especially Yat) as I carpooled with them to the venue. After stretching, we were taught (and practical as well) on how to do fartlek, short interval and core exercise. Personally, I think this clinic was very helpful especially for beginners. 
My 1st Skechers Running Workshop. It was great!

Engineers for Makna Run, Uniten, 15th Jan 2015
I participated their 1st edition back in 2013, skipped the 2nd edition last year and participated 3rd edition this year. This run served as my 1st run in 2015. I registered myself along with few MARDI Runners. Only 2 categories available which were 12km men’s open and 12km women’s open. This run was quite cheap, RM20 only and we will get an event tee and a limited medal for top100 finisher for each category. Plus Uniten just few stones away from our house. They didn’t reveal much about the prize except top 3 runners will be given prizes. I didn’t put much hope anyway as I just want to get PB. In order to get PB, I must do average of 4:30min/km which means 54 minutes for 12km. Doable. We were flagged in drizzly rain and directed to the road outside UNITEN. The route was quite interesting as this was my first time running outside UNITEN as I usually drive on that stretch. It was 6km outside UNITEN and 6km inside. I ran well half of it. However, my legs lost the power when running inside UNITEN. Can’t maintain my pace & I was struggling much. Weird as I trained well last week. Somehow I remembered the Skechers Running clinic which was held a day before. Not their fault but my own hahaha. A day before race day was obviously not a great time to do fartlek or interval training. That why my legs no power. I maintained my slow running and sprinted in the last 50m. Bad run it seemed. They gave me this piece of paper stated no 15. Turned out it was Top 100 Finisher Women’s Open. I asked around and all top men got this kind of paper. They messed up I guess haha. Last time I check I still have the same reproduction organ hahaha. I found out from the organizer that there will be special presentation for top 25 runners. I was lucky as I got my medal from the stage. Thanks to few friends that waited for me for the prize presentation ceremony and snapped my picture on the stage. 
¡EL poster!

MARDI Runners!

Before prize presentation

Lucky me!