Friday, October 23, 2015

RHB (Rashid Harus Berlari) Half Marathon, Bukit Jalil, 080215

I decided to run this race as I believe this was the first time RHB organizes a run. Plus Rashid is part of the original name of RHB hihihi. Since HM is too much for me, I decided to settle for 10k only. Ridwan and Ariff agreed to race as well. Nice, we can pace each other and we had same thing in our mind, to score a personal best. Sort of reunion after our clash of titans back in TM Fan Run.

Our PB Mission
A day prior to this event, my small trio ex-UKM group (KF, Limi and I) decided to hang out. It was part of our once a month hang out day. We spent whole day from am to pm at Ikea-Curve area. We ate, watched movies, played arcade games and karaoke-d. I felt little bit tired from those activities especially the eating part. Too much and my stomach traumatized.

Brunch for three
Sugar rush!
I went to the race venue with my usual accomplice, Aizat Yanan. Warming up and met Ariff and Ridwan doing so. We entered the pen early and standing not far from the first queue line. The flag off was done a little late and our trio ran quite near to each other. Learning from my previous mistake, I ran accordingly. Decided not to run all out, gung ho style after the flag off. No sub4 pace for early km. After 3 or 4km, Ariff couldn't keep up with us any longer. He didn't run for two months and this pace took its toll on him. I ran side by side with Ridwan. At 7km, I felt like I can go a little bit faster, leaving Ridwan behind. Saw Adele running not far from me. I befriended her on social medias few weeks ago and this was my 1st encounter with her. I said hi and continued my running. 10k runners merged with HM runners after u-turn. Azmi cheered and shouted my name from behind and I replied without looking. I sprinted when it's about 50m from finishing line. I stopped my FR610 and I was shocked seeing the stat. I didn't score my personal best even though I felt like I ran strong for the last 3km. Weird enough. I did 10.3km in 46:59, average pace of 4:34min/km.

My race timing
Ridwan crossed the finishing line few seconds later and Ariff did so after a minute. Our PB mission was a total failure but we didn't feel so bad about it. We didn't train as hard as before and we vowed to do our best in the next run. I mingled around and took photos before heading home.

MARDI runners!
Group whatsapp The Spartan!

Usual suspects

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