Sunday, January 20, 2013

My favourite running motivational posters part 2

I don’t know why but it seems like I can’t put all the posters in one post. This is my favourite running motivational posters part 2. Enjoy. 

Even ninja needs to run. This is Uzumaki Naruto, kage bunshin no jutsu!
Again, Nike. Nuff said. I love all the reasons. Promotional poster for Nike Women Marathon 2011.
Simple. Just run.
Stamina for running is needed when the world turns into zombie-apocalypse. From Walking dead.
Please, no more excuses. No drama drama, just run.
There are many of other interesting posters. I highlighted some of them only. Credit goes to the original owner of these posters. Feel free to download/distribute. Happy running.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My favourite running motivational posters

Today I’m going to share my most favourite running motivational posters/wallpapers. I have been using some of it as my FB cover photo, twitter background and as laptop’s wallpaper. Running is indeed a solo and boring game. There was a time when I felt so demotivated due to various reasons and decided not to run (and ate instead hehehe – #truestory). I guess the ‘bisikan bukan paranormal’ got the best of me sometimes :( These posters have helped me to get back on my feet numerous times. I downloaded these posters mostly from FB and Google images. Credit goes to the original owner of these posters. Enjoy.

Treadmill? No need. The road is wide open and free for all. But please take all the safety measure kay.
Indeed. Not many can run or perhaps has the urge to run.
Futurama-inspired theme. Please take this with a grain of salt. Entertaining though.
From Hooha. Running is oso endurance wat.
Nice view. Nike never fails when it comes to the publicity department.

Due to page issue, I'll continue this post in part 2. Tungguuuuu....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reminiscing 2012, Welcoming 2013

Hi all. Welcome aboard to my humble blog. I’m not a prolific writer but I’ll try my best to make your blog hopping as entertaining as possible. I’ll write mainly on my running journey as I was bitten by its bug in 2010. Let’s skip the history shall we. I’ll talk about it when the time comes.

Today, 010113, marks the beginning of new resolutions (again, sigh) but that’s an interesting part of life. By the way I’ll do a recap on my running journey in 2012 as I don’t have enough time and energy to write it thoroughly one by one.
New year, a perfect time to make new resolutions
I’ve ran in 20 running events from January to December 2012. That’s quite a lot for someone like me and it involves lots of money as well (T_T) but then bad habits die hard. This hobby is less expensive than cycling, biking (duhhh), smoking (errr), backpacking and shopping (ehhh). Most of the money will be used to registering ourselves in any running event. Please skip the gear and apparel issues hehehe. I’ve participated in 12 events in 2011 and 4 events in 2010. From 4 to 12 to 20. Coincidently, it’s +8 for every year. Do I need to run in 28 events this year? Only time will tell. But do I really need to follow the number religiously? I bet not. No Mayan businesses here.
Happy running yo ;)
Last year I ran 1 full marathon (my very 1st FM, Penang Bridge International Marathon), 3 half marathons which were Brooks HM (my very 1st HM), Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) & Putrajaya Night Marathon (PNM), one 25km run (Newton Challenge), one 16.8km (Adidas King of The Road), one 15.5km (Energizer Night Run), two 12km (Great Eastern Great Live Run & Malakoff KL Run), one 11.8km (Men's Health & Shape Night Run), four 10km (Mizuno Wave Run, Kajang Jogathon, UKM Victory Run & Nike We Run KL 10k), one 8km (Standard Chartered Fun Run), one 7.8km (MAKNA Uniten Run),  two 7km (Kidney Run & NTV7 Feel Good Run) & two 5km (MARDI KSSM Run & Uniten Charity Run). Let’s leave the underdistance issue as it’ll complicate my categorizing. My favourite categories are 10km and 12km run because the distances are not that far and it’s easier to train. I measured most of my achievements based on these distances. 
My biggest achievement in 2012 was finishing the full marathon course in Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM). Felt like dying in the last 9km. My whole body was aching, shoulder, back, thigh, feet etc. I walked, ran and walked like a zombie. The thought of crawling instead of running/walking came to my mind few times but I abandoned it as it’ll be too dramatic and gonna make other participants shocked and terrified hehehe. (Crawling in my skin, this pain will never heal oooh, sorry I stop now).
If tired running can crawl ah?

I blamed myself for not training well. The post-run suffering was inevitable and took me one week plus to recover. I had love-hate relationship with the stairs during that period. Ugghh. Another memorable moment was completing the half marathon in Brooks HM in Bukit Jalil. The bukit/hills were like never-ending. Lepas bukit, bukit lagi. Penat huh. Another epic moment was when I won 1st place (1st yo) in KSSM run. It was held in my workplace in March 2012, a day before Brooks HM. I was a new staff at that time, just about almost 3 months in service. Before the actual run I heard people said this person fast, that people ‘power’. But then it was a clear cut win. I’m planning on winning again this year hehehe (giler tamak) so I need to train hard and smart. But then never estimate your opponents. Who knows if there’ll be a sengit competition this year.

My 2012 total distance, 1417.63km
Wrapping up, I hope I can run faster and better this year. Last year was a great year for me but I think my progress was rather quite slow. No malas-malas training. Planning to do more FM & HM. Targetting PB for every run. Make less drama & just run. Will eat clean & healthy. If have enough money I’ll buy a bicycle and join duathlon.

That’s all folks. I wish all of us a fabulous new year, with full of great achievements (PB, podium etc) and experiences.