Friday, November 27, 2015

March-ing, Men's Health and Women's Health Night Run race report

February was very nice to me but March was not so much of a fan. I took (almost) 2 weeks break from running as my shin splint became apparent. The pain was still bearable but I decided that I should take a break. The pain lingered after running and it became worse after speed or tempo session. The pain will disappear after a few days but it will come back right after any running session. I discussed with few (otai) friends and they gave useful tips based on their own experience. Their shin splint was a bad a** one as they even cannot walk properly. Jalan kengkang. I followed their tips and resumed my (easy) running after that. I'll write an entry on shin splint later. 

As for March, I’ve registered Men's Health and Women's Health Night Run. My earlier target was to get a PB as the previous Men’s Health and Shape Night Run (Men’s Health magazine now is no longer under the same company as Shape magazine) was my most favourite run. I re-started my running career hobby with Men’s Health and Shape Night Run back in 2010. My awake’run’ning.
Since I took few weeks resting, I knew the PB mission is a tall order. Already ‘pasrah’ that PB will be nowhere to be found. 404: error not found. I knew that I won’t do well as I refrained myself from training for few weeks due to shin splint.

I went to Cheras in the afternoon to pay a visit to the Quick Sport outlet. Few days prior I’ve contacted them asking about Garmin Fenix 3. They actually have ordered and there’ll might be few left. Luckily Apong and Hanif were quite free and willing to accompany. I’ve been eyeing Garmin Fenix 3 for quite a while but availability was an issue. Most of the shop only accept pre-order not walk in. We went to Quick Sport and I had to choose between Sapphire or Silver/Grey edition. Sapphire was too expensive plus the metal band was not suitable for daily running. I had a hard time choosing between Grey (black band) and silver (red band). After some lengthy discussion with friends and the shop owner, I chose the silver (red band) version. She said red was meant for a risk taker, getting out from comfort zone. I agreed LOL
Beli jam dan makan-makan ;)
Yang mana satu pilihan kalbu
Finally mine! My precious!
We had our lunch at Nasi Ayam Kampung velodrome. Quite famous here. I went home afterwards, playing around with my new expensive tool and getting ready to go to POJ for Men’s Health and Women’s Health Night Run. I went early to POJ together with Limi and Pico. Flag off was on time and I ran with my planned pace, 5min/km all the way. I cannot run faster as afraid it’ll aggravate my shin splint. Not much drama during the run except I struggled keeping with the kardashians pace. Weeks of not training sure took its toll on my stamina and speed.  I crossed the line in 60minutes with 5:05min/km pace. Hmmm not bad. I love my new toy by the way. Good and reliable. My shin didn’t feel any weird soreness. Guess the shin was almost healed. Post-race: met friends, took snapshots, hung around and chatting. I went home happy that night as I ran well and my body getting better.  
Pintu gerbang
Post shin splint pace, hmm not bad. My 1st run with brand new Garnin Fenix 3 hihi
WARs - We are satisfied Garmin user ;)
WARs - Kaki Lari
MARDI Runners!
Happening runners
Happening runners part II
Power of three, housemate and ex-housemate
Beauties and the beasts


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