Monday, January 18, 2016

Gallant leap of faith, babai 2015 welcome 2016!

2016 is a leap year. 366 days. I wish this leap year will become my lucky year. It’s not like every year we can celebrate 29 days in February.
Happy new year!
Good things OTW
Feel twenty and look sixteen.... I wish ;)
2015 was quite great for me, more like a transition year from a solo racer to a functional team competitor. The first time always the hardest. I took great length asking many friends to become part of my team. It wasn’t easy and I got rejected numerous time. Luckily few friends who had the same vision as mine agreed. We started with Spartan at TKC Run-a-Walk carnival and won 2nd fastest running team and 2nd best costume award. Our 1st time team category epic win. Not long after Spartan, RJK Avengers won 2nd place at IIUM Duathlon Godzilla Conquest (Relay Duathlon). Saisoku team also won big (goodies worth RM10,000) at Shape Night Run 2015. Other than Spartan and Saisoku, I also initiated Team Oren (Run A Way, JCO Explorace, Food Hunt). I contacted and formed a team of five close runner friends with similar pace for Run A Way and we won 1st place! During Hari Sukan Negara, the same members (minus one) competed in JCO Explorace and once again we won 1st place. Four members of Team Oren also competed in Food Hunt and we won the last top 30 podium placing haha. I also became part of Daud’s team, Budget Good Good. Daud was kind enough to let me into his group and taught me a thing or two on hunt/explorace (Chick-a-Ton, Shopping Raya Race, Foodie Hunt). Meanwhile, Gebs (one of Team Oren member) invited me as replacement under Team Gebu for the last quarter of 2015 (AMSA Diabetes Day Run, Crossfit Duo Challenge) . 

Thank you friends for the awesome journey. Love y'll, from the bottom of my heart!
Last year was lucky year for many of us. We won most of the race/hunt/explorace. My initial mission actually was to gain experience as many as possible. However, we also went home empty handed for certain race/hunt/explorace. Not every day is your lucky day. Sometimes we win sometimes we learn.
Win, lose or learn!
As for individual races, I podium-ed in 3 races. I won 15th place at Engineers For Makna Run, 2nd place for 5km Larian Bendang (Sukan MOA - closed event) and 2nd place 6km MARDI MAEPS Trail Run. In 2013, I won 1st place in Larian Kampus (Sukan MOA - closed event) but failed to defend my champion title in 2015 edition. I’ll work hard and will make sure I’ll win in 2017 edition with a big margin.
Individual podium

Overall, I had it better in 2015. In 2014, I only managed to get 3 podium/placing but in 2015 I got 12. That’s a 'frikking' big jump. I, who started as a fun runner, who never thought I’ll be on the podium, finally made it. For many times. So whoever reading this entry, please train hard and smart. You’ll eventually become better and podium will come soon. By the way I would like to express my gratitude to family, friends, foes, followers, coaches, Santai Pace Runner, Tortoisethoners, Divana, Komplot Lari, MARDI Runners, Marathonbaker, Ultron and The Marathon Company for help, guidance, advice and support. I love all of you!

Since my focus for 2015 more on team events, my training was inconsistent. I skipped most of my long run since most of the events were on weekends. My recovery period also took longer than before. Other reasons were haze, sickness, work etc. Banyaknya alasan. I was well blessed with podium and placing this year but not PB (personal best) huhu. You won some and lose some. My pace became slower actually huhu. So for 2016, I’ll work more on getting that elusive PB especially on my #10ksub40 mission. People thought I’m fast. Blazing fast. I’m actually not that fast. Not until I get #10ksub40. Soon.

Below is the breakdown of my 2015 race race/hunt/explorace:

Podium and placing
- TKC Walk-a- Run Carnival - 2nd fastest running team, 2nd best costume award (Spartan)
- IIUM Duathlon Godzilla Conquest - 2nd place relay team (RJK Avengers)
- Run A Way - Winner (Team 89/Team Oren)
- Shopping Raya Race - 5th (Budget Good Good)
- Foodie Hunt - 8th place (Budget Good Good)
- AMSA Diabetes Day Run (Team Gebu) - Winner Buddies Category
- JCO Explorace - Winner (Team Oren)
- Shape Night Run - 9th (Saisoku)
- Food Hunt - 30th (Eat Sleep Race Repeat/Team Oren)
- Larian Bendang (Sukan MOA - closed event) - 2nd place Men's Open Category
- MARDI MAEPS Trail Run - 2nd place 6km
- Engineers For Makna Run - 15th place

- 9 to 5 Run (5km fun run)
- Milo Breakfast Day Run (27th)
- RHB HM 10km (17th)
- Firefighter Cyberjaya Night HM 10km (11th)
- Men's Health & Women's Health Night Run
- Pacemakers Anniversary Relay XI (Spartan - 18th)
- ICE Watch Light Up The Night Run (Pacer 10k)
- AMNIG I Am Warrior Run (22th)
- Fit Malaysia (Kelantan) 10km
- Malaysian Unity Run (Ultron slot)
- Love Hunt
- Puma Trainathon 24-Hour (Santai Hyperactive)
- Crossfit Duo Challenge (Team Gebu - 6th place)
- Tern Fun Day Photo Hunt
- Chick-A-Ton
- Jejak Pelancongan Putrajaya (Team Oren)

- SCKLM - Ministries Challenge
- BSNPNM - Half Marathon
- 2XU Compression Run - Half Marathon
- Larian Bandar Diraja - 5km
- TM Fan Run - 10km

2015 collection
Mock cheques, 1st time collecting these. Yeay!
Okay let’s talk about my 2016 plan. The 1st quarter will be dedicated to #10ksub40 mission. I decided to not to register any event in January. Running races when you are not fit enough will bring more harm than good. Disaster.
Will work hard for 2016 mission! 
Totally agree!
Other than #10ksub40 mission, I also want to try new events which I haven’t participated before or didn't do well previously.  I want to run outside my comfort zone. I want to try MTB race, duathlon, obstacle race, FM again, ultramarathon run, adventure race, orienteering etc. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do them all but it’ll be worth trying. Now it’s time to boost my endurance. Seriously I envied few people who have extraordinary stamina. I’ll have that kind of stamina one day. My early running concept was ‘PB till podium.’ However last year was not the case. Last year was ‘as long as podium.’ So my theme for this year is back to basic, back to ‘PB till podium.’ We’ll see how. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading!
I believe in myself!