Friday, October 23, 2015

Fabulous Feb-bebeh! B'day Run!

Feb is obviously my favourite month as I was born this way month. I decided to race less and participated in two races only. 1st was RHB Half Marathon in 10k category and 2nd was my most epic and historical race, the Tunku Kurshiah College Carnival. I also did my annual birthday run.
I didn't so eager to run high mileage on my birthday. I didn't want to force myself as mild shin splint was still there. On off on off. I ran on 1st feb, rest on 2nd day and did a belated birthday run on 3rd Feb. This was the safest option in order not to worsen the shin splint. I went to the usual spot for my birthday celebration feast. Where else but Miyagi! I went here almost every year on this date.

Set salmon masak kicap!

I went to Stadium MPKj, Bangi on the 3rd Feb. I agreed to run together with Aliff beforehand, most probably 7-10k tempo run.

Tempo run for birthday run! Fav!
I didn't go by age or nice combination number but I did tempo run instead. Tempo run was obviously tricky. You cannot go too fast as it'll resulted a low distance. You also cannot go very slow or risking not reaping the benefit. It was a lung buster run but I felt good afterwards. A short suffer-fest. Tempo run is my most favourite run.

   I'm grateful as I still can run and in a pink of health. I wish I'll be able to run until the end of time forever. Many friends wished me through all kind of medias and I would like to say thanks. Surprisingly, many wished run fast and podium. I didn't get that kind of wish last year. Perhaps due to my podium debut last year. It seemed their prayer and wish answered, I already won 3 races (until April 2015). Thanks again. I'll bust my donkey as* and work hard to strive for success.

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