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Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships 2017 Returns to Putrajaya, Promotes Malaysia as a Regional Sports Hub

Kuala Lumpur, 25 October 2016 – The world’s largest duathlon race in the Powerman series, Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships, will return to Putrajaya on Sunday, 5 March 2017 with greater expectation on foreign participation. Organised by E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd, over 3,000 local and foreign participants including top global athletes, multi-sport elites and enthusiasts are expected to take part in the run-bike-run race.

Powerman, the pinnacle for duathlon competition globally, is the platform for ardent runners and cyclists to progress and master both sports. The championships held in Putrajaya last March upon a two-year hiatus witnessed the tremendous growth of duathletes in the region, with a record-breaking number of 2,645 participants starting the race, breaking the Malaysia Book of Records for the ‘Largest Participation of Duathlon Championships’ in Malaysia.

“The proliferation of multi-sport athletes in the region is evident due to a growing trend in the multi-sports segment. Powerman is an accessible event for athletes to pursue a greater path by mastering an integrated sport. Putrajaya is one of the admired locations to host Powerman with its picturesque landscape and well-equipped social amenities, giving participants a world-class championship,” said Barbara Lam, Managing Director of E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd.

Four adult categories namely the Individual Classic and Team Relay Classic (10km – 60km – 10km), and the Individual Short and Team Relay Short (5km – 30km – 5km), are available for registration.

“Powerman is a great stepping stone for regular runners and cyclists go beyond their limits. The four selected categories is specially catered to participants of different levels, from newcomers to seasoned enthusiasts. I welcome all single sport athletes to take part in Powerman as the new ground to explore and test their limits.”

Interested participants can register at www.powermanmalaysia.com.

Grassroots Programme for Kids
Powerkids, the newly introduced duathlon programme for children aged between 5 and 12, is part of the Asia Championship’s expansion to nurture talented and budding multi-sport athletes. To be launched in December 2016, the grassroots activity is about the joy of movement and the first experience for children to engage in a multi-sport event. This will be the championship’s pilot initiative to introduce a programme for children.

Powerkids is composed of three age categories: 5 to 7-year-old (0.4km – 1km – 0.4km), 8 to 10-year-old (0.8km – 2km – 0.8km), and 11 to 12-year-old (1.2km – 3km – 1.2km).

“Grooming new talent requires training from a young age. Powerkids provides the exposure for kids to learn, grow and compete. Having been successfully implemented in many European races, parents – especially those who are already Powerman duathletes themselves – may consider this opportunity to expose their children to the sports that they do,” said Iskandar Shahril, Race Director of Powerman Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Powerman Drives Sports Tourism in Malaysia
Dubbed as one of the premier endurance multi-sports race in the region, Powerman remained as one of the preferred races in the sports calendar. The Powerman Asia Duathlon Championship 2016 last March recorded more than 30 percent of foreign participation from more than 39 nationalities, with the greatest number from Singapore.

“Malaysia’s transformation into a regional sports hub is evident. Over the years, we have witnessed a tremendous number of foreigners visiting the country to participate in various sporting events held all over Malaysia. Powerman is one example of an event that reflects Malaysia’s capabilities and capacities in organising major sporting events, which drives international participations, while generating high yield tourism receipts,” said Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager of Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Hosting major sports event brings great benefits to a city, including raising the host’s profile and increasing tourism dollars.  Primary tourism industries like the hospitality services, food and beverage are some of the businesses that will directly benefit from Powerman.

“The championship’s schedule will ensure a minimum overnight stay in Putrajaya. We are aiming to be the largest multi-sport event next year, and play a bigger role in importing tourists. With the latest inclusion of Powerman races in Thailand and Indonesia, the increasing demand will contribute towards the prestige of the Asia championships,” added Barbara.

The organiser will also increase its efforts overseas to boost foreign participation. Promotions have taken place in Switzerland and Thailand, while plans are in place for Singapore and Indonesia.

The nation’s federal administrative centre has also confirmed its inclusion of Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships 2017 as part of its month long Federal Territory celebrations from next year. “Powerman is a renowned global brand. Its past record has proven to drive positive benefits to Putrajaya’s local businesses. We foresee that this inclusion will bring greater economic impact,” noted Mohammad bin Salleh, Community Service Director, Perbadanan Putrajaya.

Powerman, The Platform for Sports Marketing
The growing sports industry in Malaysia has turned into a main profit generation for the country and participating corporations. Businesses leveraging on major international races are more likely to benefit by reaching out to its target audience through marketing strategies that can be activated prior to, during and post-race.

“Our programme is flexible and tailored not only for participants, but also for Multi-national Corporation and small and medium enterprises seeking for an effective path to grow their businesses locally and internationally. The association with Powerman will not only allow corporations to vie for brand positioning, but a chance to expand their businesses,” noted Barbara.

Powerman Expo and lucky draws are some of the exciting programme line-ups for participants during their race pack collection a day prior to the race.

For more information and updates, visit us at www.powermanmalaysia.com.

Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships 2017 is organised by rights and license holder, E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd; sanctioned by the International Powerman Association and the Triathlon Association of Malaysia; supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia Major Events, Malaysia Truly Asia, Perbadanan Putrajaya, Dorsett Putrajaya, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside, The Everly Hotel Putrajaya, Spacebib, Train Live Compete, HIGH5, Shinjiru, Spacebib, RunSociety, Beyond Ultron Sdn Bhd, Rudy Project, Suunto, 2XU Compression,  iM4U, Running Malaysia Magazine and Cycling Malaysia Magazine.

(L-R) Muhammad Syafiq Rusli; Barbara Lam, Managing Director, E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd; Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager, Malaysia Major Events; Mohammad bin Salleh, Community Service Director, Perbadanan Putrajaya; Iskandar Shahril, Race Director for Powerman Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia; and Shahrom Abdullah
(L-R) Barbara Lam, Managing Director, E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd; Mohammad bin Salleh, Community Service Director, Perbadanan Putrajaya; Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager of Malaysia Major Events; and Iskandar Shahril, Race Director for Powerman Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, delivering their speeches at the Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships 2017 – Malaysia’s press conference.
(L-R) Muhammad Syafiq Rusli, second runner up for the 2016 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships; Shahrom Abdullah, professional multi-sport athlete; and Iskandar Shahril, Race Director for Powerman Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, discussing on the training regimes required by participants in preparation for the 2017 race.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ramadan & Running

We are in the middle of week 2 of Ramadan already. Time sure flies. So fast. I'm going to touch little bit on running in Ramadan topic based on my own experience and experiment. Basically it depends on your body. Running in this month is pretty tricky. Need to do 'try and error.' 

There are a few great blogs discussing on this matter. These blogs are:
1. http://www.awanrun.com/index.php/2015/07/19/how-to-run-in-ramadhan-fasting/ (written by our local elite Azwan Bunjing)
2. http://kuchalana.blogspot.my/2016/06/tip-running-in-fasting-month.html/ (written by ultramarathoner Arman Arshad)
3. https://muslimrunner.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/how-to-run-in-ramadan/
4. http://www.justrunlah.com/2016/06/12/how-to-train-for-distance-running-during-ramadan-fasting-month/

Tips from SCKLM - coach Mark Williams
Tips from SCKLM - Lili Suhairi
My yearly signature pic for Ramadan run. 6th June 2016, 1st Ramadan 1437
My yearly signature pic 2013-2015 ;)

In Ramadan, I only have 2 viable options; running before break fast or after terawih. Running before break fast is ideal for me as I can straight away break fast after completing my run (after the Maghrib azan lah obviously). Running after terawih is actually better as I've replenished my body with foods and water. The problem with this run is stomach still full. Possibility of vomiting. I can only start my run around 10pm and I can't start late or risking late sleep. Sleep late means possibility of not waking up for sahur or getting sleepy during work. Need to avoid both. Running before sahur? I don't dare trying this because I'm afraid I'll become tired or dehydrated whole day. Not going to risk my work performance or my daily life. 
I tried running before break fast few times, 5-10km. It was so dead tiring eventhough I ran easy and slow. Felt like doing speedwork. Tiring but manageable. I ran around 6pm  and completed my run around 7pm. As long as I had sahur beforehand, it's possible for me to run. I ran after terawih for my long run with friends. It's a little bit uncomfortable with stomach full with foods but it felt better eventually after few miles. 
Runwitme pm-ed and asked my opinion on running in Ramadan. He published my tips in his blog entry. 
Thank you famous blogger Runwitme! Please read that entry as there are many tips from other great runners as well.
Train to eat! Please consider this pic as break fast pic LOL
By the way good luck with your training and selamat berpuasa!

Eighty is mighty, celebrating a new mileage milestone

80k per week is mighty enough, at least for me. Never had the opportunity or mental strength to do this kind of mileage. I usually clock 7-8km per day, 40-50k per week. My long run lingers around 15-21k. For the past few months, I was struggling in getting my slightly fast pace back. I did all those stride, tempo, interval, long run but none felt right. My easy/aerobic pace suffered. Wayyyyy slow from my normal pace. This disaster was all started when I didn't really focus much on running last year. I did like bare minimum. Last year was quite a super lucky year for me as I podium-ed in running, hunt, explorace and other events as well. Too much of something is bad enough (Spice Girls - Too Much). Yes, winning is fun but I failed at my weekly training. Missed my key running one too many. It was either I didn't have enough time or just because I didn't feel like running. I learned my lesson and tried to put everything all back together early this year but with no luck.

Eighty and fruity. Credit to original owner
I discussed with few friends and they gave me few interesting tips. I was also given this pdf copy of Hanson's Coaching Services LLC Training Schedule, 20 Weeks, 60-80 mile per week, marathon. I love their lengthy explanation and science behind running. The suitable remedy for this malady is back to basic, back to building base. (Meghan Trainor - It's All About That Base). I need to put more mileage. Yes, mileage. My major weakness for years. I failed at getting a great timing for my full marathon because I didn't clock enough mileage. I walk-run-walk after 30km in all marathons I had participated. 'Mileage is king' they said. They also said 'smile for miles.' How to smile when you need to clock in high mileage huhu. Smile no, suffer yes. "Mind over matters,” they added.

Runner's World Miles per week
I set my mind, held my head high and executed my mileage plan. Ran almost every day. Did easy-no-risk run. No speed training or whatsoever. I increased my usually 7-8k to 11-12k daily. It was all about mental. I ran mostly on track and did the looping run. Mental kuasa dua! Luckily my friends were there and their presence helped. I was either ran with them or talked to them to combat this mental thingy.

I successfully completed the 80k+ (experiment) for the very 1st in my life last week! Yeay! A new high, a new record! Clap, clap, clap. The most important aspect was injury free. Slight soreness was expected. It was a crazy week. In my mind was work, mileage, sleep, work, mileage, mileage, mileage. My mental strength not that tough and that mantra helps. I ran from late evening until early night. I even ran in the drizzly rain. Mileage matters. My lil experiment worked!

Mileage, mileage, mileage

2nd week
I managed to do 73.9k for the second week before 1st Ramadan. Failed to clock 80k as the soreness lingered more than I expected. After two weeks of 70/80k+, I learned more about my body. My strong and weak points. My strong point is I can do it if the mind-set was right. ‘Where the Mind Goes, the Body Will Follow.’ ‘Mind over body.’ My weak point is I still cannot do a good and proper long run. I was able to increase my daily run up to 14k but I still having problem when I want to increase my long run more than 22k. Body not ready. My next mission is to increase the volume and quality of my long run. I also want to try 100k per week at least once. Body please cooperate, thank you! Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 19, 2016


Olympic Silver-Medalist and World Number 1 Ranked Male Duathlete Headline Malaysia’s Largest Duathlon Race

Putrajaya, 19 February 2016 – Top-ranked Powerman duathletes Gaël Le Bellec and Emma Pooley from France and England respectively, confirm participation at the upcoming Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships – Malaysia 2016. The race will flag off from Putrajaya’s iconic Palace of Justice.

On race day, Sunday, 6 March 2016, the world top ranked male and female duathlete in the prestigious Powerman Series will compete along with approximately 3,000 other participants from over 35 nations, including Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Iran and the United Kingdom, for the 2016 Asia championship series podium.

“Despite a two-year hiatus, the Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships keeps its momentum as one of the top duathlon races held globally. The race encourages participants to improve their game, face new challenges and compete beyond their limits,” said Iskandar Shahril, Business Development Director of E-Plus Entertainment Productions.

Reigning one of the top spots for Women’s Powerman World Ranking, Emma Pooley, 33, boasts an impressive race career. The English sportswoman clinched the silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics for the ‘Women’s Road Time Trial’ category and emerged champion at the 2010 UCI Road World Championships – Women’s Time Trial. She also won the 2014 and 2015 Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofingen, Switzerland, setting a new course record on her first attempt in 2014 and finishing half an hour ahead of the second placed finisher.

Reigning Men’s Powerman World Champion, Frenchman Gaël Le Bellec, 27, emerged champion at the 2014 and 2015 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships, a 10km – 150km – 30km run-cycle-run, completing the race in 6:20:36.

“Le Bellec and Pooley’s participation will challenge our duathletes to test their capabilities physically and mentally, inspiring them to break personal bests and surpass individual limits. That is what Powerman is all about,” added Iskandar.

Powerman Asia Duathlon Championship is organised by E-Plus Entertainment Productions, supported by Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, Malaysia Major Events, Malaysia Truly Asia, Compressport, Dorsett Hospitality International Putrajaya, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Suunto, Rudy Project, Spacebib, Train Live Compete, RunSociety, ImCyclist.com, VOLT Bicycle, Shinjiru, iM4U, Pro-Tec Athletics, Running Malaysia Magazine and Cycling Malaysia Magazine.

For more information and announcements, follow us on our Facebook at Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships – Malaysia and website at www.powermanmalaysia.com.

It's my fabulous Feb b'day, let's run!

Yes, finally it’s my birthday. Got mixed feelings. I’m happy for the obvious reason but I’m also sad because I’m not getting any younger LOL. 2nd February is undoubtedly a beautiful date for a beautiful person like me ;)

Happy birthday to me!
Look forward to this kind of cake!
Okay, let’s not get carried away. I celebrated my birthday with my sisters and nephew/niece at 12:01am. Family first, remember. I celebrated it again with my close officemates during lunch. Nothing fancy, simple is better. In the evening, MARDI Runners and I trained ourselves at hilly stretch for our upcoming Larian KSSM 2016. Kinda my birthday run. Hill was my weakness and hill interval well suited for the occasion. Thank you MARDI Runners for the birthday run and wishes.

B'day with kiddo

Green tea and cake :)

Group run
Birthday hill training run!
Aizat and I celebrated my birthday at Miyagi for dinner. My yearly routine. Big dinner for a big boy haha.

Yearly routine!
My birthday was well spent with family and friends. I received tons of messages, wall post, tweet, dm, call etc. I'm overwhelmed! Thank you family and friends for the well wishes, I was really touched. It’s the thought that matters. Last year many wished me podium and luckily I podium-ed quite number of events. This year I got many wishes to become faster and also errr get married haha. I want to get faster and get married will be a bonus. Honestly, I haven’t thought about tying the knot yet. No candidates also haha. We’ll see how haha.  Thanks again.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Gallant leap of faith, babai 2015 welcome 2016!

2016 is a leap year. 366 days. I wish this leap year will become my lucky year. It’s not like every year we can celebrate 29 days in February.
Happy new year!
Good things OTW
Feel twenty and look sixteen.... I wish ;)
2015 was quite great for me, more like a transition year from a solo racer to a functional team competitor. The first time always the hardest. I took great length asking many friends to become part of my team. It wasn’t easy and I got rejected numerous time. Luckily few friends who had the same vision as mine agreed. We started with Spartan at TKC Run-a-Walk carnival and won 2nd fastest running team and 2nd best costume award. Our 1st time team category epic win. Not long after Spartan, RJK Avengers won 2nd place at IIUM Duathlon Godzilla Conquest (Relay Duathlon). Saisoku team also won big (goodies worth RM10,000) at Shape Night Run 2015. Other than Spartan and Saisoku, I also initiated Team Oren (Run A Way, JCO Explorace, Food Hunt). I contacted and formed a team of five close runner friends with similar pace for Run A Way and we won 1st place! During Hari Sukan Negara, the same members (minus one) competed in JCO Explorace and once again we won 1st place. Four members of Team Oren also competed in Food Hunt and we won the last top 30 podium placing haha. I also became part of Daud’s team, Budget Good Good. Daud was kind enough to let me into his group and taught me a thing or two on hunt/explorace (Chick-a-Ton, Shopping Raya Race, Foodie Hunt). Meanwhile, Gebs (one of Team Oren member) invited me as replacement under Team Gebu for the last quarter of 2015 (AMSA Diabetes Day Run, Crossfit Duo Challenge) . 

Thank you friends for the awesome journey. Love y'll, from the bottom of my heart!
Last year was lucky year for many of us. We won most of the race/hunt/explorace. My initial mission actually was to gain experience as many as possible. However, we also went home empty handed for certain race/hunt/explorace. Not every day is your lucky day. Sometimes we win sometimes we learn.
Win, lose or learn!
As for individual races, I podium-ed in 3 races. I won 15th place at Engineers For Makna Run, 2nd place for 5km Larian Bendang (Sukan MOA - closed event) and 2nd place 6km MARDI MAEPS Trail Run. In 2013, I won 1st place in Larian Kampus (Sukan MOA - closed event) but failed to defend my champion title in 2015 edition. I’ll work hard and will make sure I’ll win in 2017 edition with a big margin.
Individual podium

Overall, I had it better in 2015. In 2014, I only managed to get 3 podium/placing but in 2015 I got 12. That’s a 'frikking' big jump. I, who started as a fun runner, who never thought I’ll be on the podium, finally made it. For many times. So whoever reading this entry, please train hard and smart. You’ll eventually become better and podium will come soon. By the way I would like to express my gratitude to family, friends, foes, followers, coaches, Santai Pace Runner, Tortoisethoners, Divana, Komplot Lari, MARDI Runners, Marathonbaker, Ultron and The Marathon Company for help, guidance, advice and support. I love all of you!

Since my focus for 2015 more on team events, my training was inconsistent. I skipped most of my long run since most of the events were on weekends. My recovery period also took longer than before. Other reasons were haze, sickness, work etc. Banyaknya alasan. I was well blessed with podium and placing this year but not PB (personal best) huhu. You won some and lose some. My pace became slower actually huhu. So for 2016, I’ll work more on getting that elusive PB especially on my #10ksub40 mission. People thought I’m fast. Blazing fast. I’m actually not that fast. Not until I get #10ksub40. Soon.

Below is the breakdown of my 2015 race race/hunt/explorace:

Podium and placing
- TKC Walk-a- Run Carnival - 2nd fastest running team, 2nd best costume award (Spartan)
- IIUM Duathlon Godzilla Conquest - 2nd place relay team (RJK Avengers)
- Run A Way - Winner (Team 89/Team Oren)
- Shopping Raya Race - 5th (Budget Good Good)
- Foodie Hunt - 8th place (Budget Good Good)
- AMSA Diabetes Day Run (Team Gebu) - Winner Buddies Category
- JCO Explorace - Winner (Team Oren)
- Shape Night Run - 9th (Saisoku)
- Food Hunt - 30th (Eat Sleep Race Repeat/Team Oren)
- Larian Bendang (Sukan MOA - closed event) - 2nd place Men's Open Category
- MARDI MAEPS Trail Run - 2nd place 6km
- Engineers For Makna Run - 15th place

- 9 to 5 Run (5km fun run)
- Milo Breakfast Day Run (27th)
- RHB HM 10km (17th)
- Firefighter Cyberjaya Night HM 10km (11th)
- Men's Health & Women's Health Night Run
- Pacemakers Anniversary Relay XI (Spartan - 18th)
- ICE Watch Light Up The Night Run (Pacer 10k)
- AMNIG I Am Warrior Run (22th)
- Fit Malaysia (Kelantan) 10km
- Malaysian Unity Run (Ultron slot)
- Love Hunt
- Puma Trainathon 24-Hour (Santai Hyperactive)
- Crossfit Duo Challenge (Team Gebu - 6th place)
- Tern Fun Day Photo Hunt
- Chick-A-Ton
- Jejak Pelancongan Putrajaya (Team Oren)

- SCKLM - Ministries Challenge
- BSNPNM - Half Marathon
- 2XU Compression Run - Half Marathon
- Larian Bandar Diraja - 5km
- TM Fan Run - 10km

2015 collection
Mock cheques, 1st time collecting these. Yeay!
Okay let’s talk about my 2016 plan. The 1st quarter will be dedicated to #10ksub40 mission. I decided to not to register any event in January. Running races when you are not fit enough will bring more harm than good. Disaster.
Will work hard for 2016 mission! 
Totally agree!
Other than #10ksub40 mission, I also want to try new events which I haven’t participated before or didn't do well previously.  I want to run outside my comfort zone. I want to try MTB race, duathlon, obstacle race, FM again, ultramarathon run, adventure race, orienteering etc. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do them all but it’ll be worth trying. Now it’s time to boost my endurance. Seriously I envied few people who have extraordinary stamina. I’ll have that kind of stamina one day. My early running concept was ‘PB till podium.’ However last year was not the case. Last year was ‘as long as podium.’ So my theme for this year is back to basic, back to ‘PB till podium.’ We’ll see how. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading!
I believe in myself!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Do the DU: IIUM Duathlon “Godzilla” Conquest

It was a fine evening when June suddenly asked us in our WhatsApp group about this particular duathlon relay. I replied stating I’m interested. No reply from other members. Few hours later, Khai contacted me about the relay. He had already pm’ed June and now he asked me if I’m still interested with that relay. I said yes! I created our WhatsApp group on 14th April 2015 and June proceeded with our registration. I put ‘Let’s DU it’ as our generic WhatsApp group name. We brainstormed ourselves and they agreed with my suggestion to use RJK, our initial name. From RJK, we expanded it to RaJuK, JaRak, RaJniKan (Sivaji The Boss!), Sivani Ummah and Redah Jangan Kalah. Creative right haahaha. June suggested RJK Avengers and we agreed. RJK Avengers is now ready to make a grand appearance in UIAM! 

Our poster!
This event, IIUM Duathlon Godzilla Conquest will be held in IIUM (UIAM) and only got 1 category, team of 3 relay. One woman participant is a must. The fee is RM90 per team which is quite reasonable. The disciplines consist of 5km road run, 10km offroad bike and 5km trail run. Prize for top3 teams only. Why Godzilla? I don’t know perhaps due to up and down elevation in UIA trail section that feels like riding on Godzilla back.

Event logo. Godzilla yeahhhh!
Event poster
Event tee 
Cycling route
Trail running route
They asked my analysis for the race and I said we have a chance. I cannot disclose the analysis details since it was private and confidential hihi. As for strategy, Khai will run the 1st 5k road, June will do the cyling and I’ll be the last trail runner. We trained ourselves like usual and a week before the race, Khai and I agreed to do trail run together. We contacted Abg Shah and he agreed to lead our run at Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP). Khai and I followed Abg Shah’s steady pace but halfway through I felt too tired after series of up and down. Couldn’t keep up. Elevated heart rate. Jelly legs. Their steady pace was a torture to me. I slowed my run and fast-walked. Glad it was over after few km. I wasn’t a fast trail runner, never been one. That night I told June we need to do a slight change to the relay. I’ll run the 1st road run leg and Khai will be the last runner. Better. Cannot risk the whole team if I screw up at the trail run. Road run suits me well. They agreed.

PCP training: before and after
I picked up Tarmizi (Kodeng) and Khai and we went to UIA very early in the morning. We prayed Subuh at UIA mosque and went to the race site afterwards. Tarmizi was part of Nanei’s team and he contacted me a day before as he wanted to hitchhike to UIA. Khai and I met June there as she was assembling and testing her bike. We saw Merlin, her brother and their cyclist (Tongga). Competitor alert! After warming up, I went to the starting line. Other than Merlin, I saw this skinny guys wearing pink BSNPNM 2014 finisher tee and 2XU full tights. He seemed like a fast runner. Many women runners actually for the 1st road run leg.

Bergabung meletop ah!
Ready to DU this!
We were flagged off at 8am. I didn’t want to go all out like what I used to do back in my early running days. However, this pink shirt wearer ran fast. Real fast. I hastened my pace and trying to keep up with kimK. I wasn’t able to follow his pace and was left 200m behind. I tried hard to make this distance lesser and ready to overtake him anytime when his pace suffers. We were given a rubberband halfway. 3km had passed but he showed no sign of slowing. Dang! Our distance grew bigger at this hilly section. Double dang! The third runner (Kodeng) was quite far from me. I maintained my pace as catching up task was impossible.

Calm before the storm
Bang! Start your engine!
Roarrrrr!!!! Run!!!!!
I arrived at the finishing line few minutes later and passed my rubberband to June at the transition area. June sped off and trying to catch up with the 1st rider. We were few minutes behind the 1st group. Kodeng arrived few minutes behind me while Merlin was the 5th or 7th person.

1st runner!
Sampai sudah!

Selfie dulu!
While waiting for June, we chitchatted and took snapshots. 1st rider arrived but unluckily not June. 2nd rider arrived but still not June. Worried. June arrived as the 5th rider, almost same time with Merlin’s rider. Her bike and body was covered with mud. Weird. The gap between June and other rider was quite far when she took off. She passed the rubberband to Khai and Khai ran fast in order to catch up with other runners. June explained there was problem with the route and volunter. June and rider for pink tee runner were directed to ride inside UIA loop before heading to the trail section. She was shocked upon seeing many riders were in front of her at the trail section. It was learned that only June and Ayoee (rider for pink tee runners) were directed to UIA road loop while other riders were directed to the trail without doing the loop. Not fair! Yes, we complained to the race director. He listened and contacted his team through walkie talkie. He realized their mistake and willing to deduct June’s total biking time. It was a relief but then the wasted effort and energy possibly made June slower than what she could possibly do. We waited for Khai, chitchatted and selfie-ed with Merlin and Kodeng’s team.

The end of misery!

Amik rubberband!

Lari Khai lari!
Selfie lagik!
After almost half an hour, 1st trail runner arrived. Not Khai. 2nd runner arrived, not Khai. Even after 5th runner also not Khai. Worried sick. Top 3 spot was quite impossible and far-fetched at this moment even after deduction of June’s cycling time. Suddenly we saw Khai and joined him sprinting towards the finishing line. We were the 7th team to complete the relay. Our top 3 dream went down the drain. However, all hope was not lost. Khai complained he got lost with other runners as the mark was confusing. Khai took the long way before u-turning. Few runners ran the shorter path. We complained again to the race director. Let’s argue again. Argue part 2. Khai showed the map from the Garmin GPS watch. The RD again took note and discussed with their group. He then assured us they will deduct our time for trail run. Still got hope yeay! Star Wars A new hope!

Finish strong, together!
The result was out few moments later. We got 2nd place behind Merlin’s team. 3rd place was IIUM team. Yeay! Top 3 spot and podium at last. We waited for VIP and prize giving ceremony. We sang Negaraku and UIA song before the prize ceremony. All teams received their medal on the stage. We received cash in an envelope. Unluckily no mock cheque and trophy only for number 1 group. Ah well. We went home happy as our 1st collaboration resulted a superb winning.

Waiting for prize presentation
3rd place
Us, 2nd place
1st place
Loot of the day
Event tee
Nice rubberbands
It's was a (team category) winning streak for me since February this year. Started with Spartan (2nd place), proceeded with Saisoku (9th place) and finally RJK Avengers (2nd place). Beginner’s luck I guess. By the way, the man in pink shirt was Haziq and he became my teammate after this event. Interesting story right hihi. I’ll elaborate more in my next entry post. Thanks for reading ;)