Wednesday, September 24, 2014

B'day 2 Run

I received a lot of birthday wishes through email, sms, whatsapps, twitter, Instagram and most of it were from FB.
The effort that my friends took to wish on my birthday were commendable.
I personally reply to all those wishes as an act of gratitude.
My birthday falls on a beautiful date, 2nd february (2/2).
It's not a surprise my lucky & favourite number is 2.
So I decided to do a run on that day at my so called secret training ground.
Should I reveal the place? Let's keep it a secret ;)
Some suggested to do the mileage exactly according to my age.
I brushed aside those suggestion as it'll be hard for me to run 50k on my 50th birthday LOL.
Plus I don't want people to know what real age. Talk about in denial hohoho.
I ran 22.22k on that lovely morning and ended my run in a stadium.
I set self timer mode on Line Camera app and took my picture.
I'm not a fan of selfie and some say it'll keep your followers away.
Did some editing and wallah, here's the picture.

My B'day Run
I wore my 1st vest from my 1st running event (from my awake'run'ning day), Men's Health and Shape Night Run 2010.
I celebrated my birthday with a run as through running I gained a lot of insight, hindsight, wellness and friends.
It was a journey through thick and thin and I successfully made it until today.
I'm no longer a teenager (or a kid obviously) and I think a birthday party (for me) seems a little bit unnecessary.
I thank God for everything that I've achieved in this life.
I spend most of the day thinking the future direction of my life.
Let's take a look on what I've eaten for my celebration ;)

Main course - salmon teriyaki set

Again, thank you all and may this birthday brings success and happiness to me and to my reader as well.

P.S. My two favourite birthday songs are Click Five - Happy Birthday and Katy Perry - Birthday ;)


  1. Aiyohhhh berkurunnya entry nih... Almost October dah nih hoho

    1. Entri tertunda katanyer hohoho. Better late than never 😁