Friday, February 19, 2016

It's my fabulous Feb b'day, let's run!

Yes, finally it’s my birthday. Got mixed feelings. I’m happy for the obvious reason but I’m also sad because I’m not getting any younger LOL. 2nd February is undoubtedly a beautiful date for a beautiful person like me ;)

Happy birthday to me!
Look forward to this kind of cake!
Okay, let’s not get carried away. I celebrated my birthday with my sisters and nephew/niece at 12:01am. Family first, remember. I celebrated it again with my close officemates during lunch. Nothing fancy, simple is better. In the evening, MARDI Runners and I trained ourselves at hilly stretch for our upcoming Larian KSSM 2016. Kinda my birthday run. Hill was my weakness and hill interval well suited for the occasion. Thank you MARDI Runners for the birthday run and wishes.

B'day with kiddo

Green tea and cake :)

Group run
Birthday hill training run!
Aizat and I celebrated my birthday at Miyagi for dinner. My yearly routine. Big dinner for a big boy haha.

Yearly routine!
My birthday was well spent with family and friends. I received tons of messages, wall post, tweet, dm, call etc. I'm overwhelmed! Thank you family and friends for the well wishes, I was really touched. It’s the thought that matters. Last year many wished me podium and luckily I podium-ed quite number of events. This year I got many wishes to become faster and also errr get married haha. I want to get faster and get married will be a bonus. Honestly, I haven’t thought about tying the knot yet. No candidates also haha. We’ll see how haha.  Thanks again.

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