Friday, June 17, 2016

Ramadan & Running

We are in the middle of week 2 of Ramadan already. Time sure flies. So fast. I'm going to touch little bit on running in Ramadan topic based on my own experience and experiment. Basically it depends on your body. Running in this month is pretty tricky. Need to do 'try and error.' 

There are a few great blogs discussing on this matter. These blogs are:
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Tips from SCKLM - coach Mark Williams
Tips from SCKLM - Lili Suhairi
My yearly signature pic for Ramadan run. 6th June 2016, 1st Ramadan 1437
My yearly signature pic 2013-2015 ;)

In Ramadan, I only have 2 viable options; running before break fast or after terawih. Running before break fast is ideal for me as I can straight away break fast after completing my run (after the Maghrib azan lah obviously). Running after terawih is actually better as I've replenished my body with foods and water. The problem with this run is stomach still full. Possibility of vomiting. I can only start my run around 10pm and I can't start late or risking late sleep. Sleep late means possibility of not waking up for sahur or getting sleepy during work. Need to avoid both. Running before sahur? I don't dare trying this because I'm afraid I'll become tired or dehydrated whole day. Not going to risk my work performance or my daily life. 
I tried running before break fast few times, 5-10km. It was so dead tiring eventhough I ran easy and slow. Felt like doing speedwork. Tiring but manageable. I ran around 6pm  and completed my run around 7pm. As long as I had sahur beforehand, it's possible for me to run. I ran after terawih for my long run with friends. It's a little bit uncomfortable with stomach full with foods but it felt better eventually after few miles. 
Runwitme pm-ed and asked my opinion on running in Ramadan. He published my tips in his blog entry.
Thank you famous blogger Runwitme! Please read that entry as there are many tips from other great runners as well.
Train to eat! Please consider this pic as break fast pic LOL
By the way good luck with your training and selamat berpuasa!

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