Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Race super short summary, babai 2014

Hard earned medals & trophy

Participated 25 events
2 FM (Kuching Marathon, Penang Bridge International Marathon)
1 30k (Pacesetters 3030 Run)
4 HM (Sundown Malaysia, 2XU, Putrajaya Night Marathon, Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon)
1 15k (Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah)
2 12k (NM Galaxy Road Run, Live Great Run)
4 10k (Run For Live 3.0, TM Fan Run, Standard Chartered KL Marathon, GM Run For It 8)
1 8k (IJN Run For Your Heart)
1 7k (MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Run)
1 5k (Larian Bandar Diraja Oren Sports)
3 relay (Pisang Relay, Pacemaker Anniversary Run X, Putrajaya Trail Relay Run)
1 sirkit gunung (Yam Tuan Antah Challenge)
1 closed event (Larian Kolej Karnival Sukan Dwi-Tahunan ke-6)
1 explorace (Duo Challenge)
1 team run (Hasil Run Challenge)
1 running clinic (SCKLM Running Clinic)

- no 30 Milo run (Won Milo stocks)
- no 10 5k Larian Oren Sports (1st time podium - trophy)
- no 1 Larian Kampus Sukan Dwitahunan (closed event - Juara bertahan)
- no 1 10k klinik larian SCKLM (small bag)

- 21k (2XU Compression Run - 1:47:30)
- 10k (TM Fan Run - 00:43:06 (GPS - 9.6k))
- 5k (Larian Oren Sports - 22:46.43 (GPS - 5.45k))

- 5 events (NM Galaxy Road Run 2nd & 3rd Series, Puma Night Run, BHP Oren Run, Reebok One Challenge)

- sub4 FM mission failed
- no HM PB at Sundown Johor
- top20 mission HM PNM failed (25th placing)
- didn't get top30 medal in Run For Life 3.0 (35th placing)
- walk instead of run in few running events

- mild plantar fascitis
- mild calf tightness
- mild runner's knee

- experimenting year, testing new routine
- 4:30 mission was a success
- PB 5k, 10k & HM
- learn from elites/top runners/running clinic
- make friends with many runners/cyclist/duathletes/triathletes
- met few 'rakan sebaya' pace
- participate more team based event
- breakthrough - podium at last
- not good at FM, failed at getting sub4
- not good at trail/sirkit gunung

New year 2015 plan
- focus on speed & short distance, #10k40min mission (four flat mission)
- final year of three-year plan
- find the best routine and stick with it
- need to be consistent with quality long run
- most likely not going to do FM/ultra
- trail/gunung for training not event
- more team effort based event
- learn & practice more on cycling & swim
- more selective on events
- quality over quantity race
- collect more trophies

Babai 2014, welcome 2015!

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