Monday, January 26, 2015

Four flat mission! #10k40min mission

Today is 26th January 2015. Gosh, twenty six days in New Year already. Last year was quite great for me and I’m hoping the same this year. I don’t really have new running resolution this year except to continuing my 3-year running plan. By the end of this year I should be able to do average 4min/km for 10/12/15km and subsequently getting myself a top 10 position in a large scale open race. Phewww, so scary! #430mission was a success and now I’m upgrading it to #10k40min mission.

This is so me! Small outside but big ambition inside.
I prefer 10k of all the distances as it’s not that short like 5k and not too daunting like half or full marathon. I believe 10k is still a great and favourable competitive distance in most races in Malaysia. Lesser distance usually will be put under fun run category. Plus it’s easier to calculate pace, split and timing with this distance LOL. 10k also part of olympic distance (track). Full marathon race is not easy as it involves months of training, conditioning and tactical little bit. I’ve tried few times and come to conclusion that I’m not ready for this distance. Always failed at doing long run. No quality some more. Failed at clocking high mileage during training. I walked in all my marathon races especially at the last 10k stretch including at my PB FM race, SCKLM 2013.  It wasn’t mental but physical. This is my weakness so I decided to settle for less. Half marathon? Also need to do high mileage training which I’m still lacking at this moment. Honestly 10k is not an easy distance. Not going to underestimate it. I cannot get faster by doing lesser distance for training. 10k focuses on speed. Try to run as fast as you can. Run fast finish fast. I prefer speed rather than long run. More speed training then. Tempo, fartlek, stride and whatnot are in order. I choose #10k40min mission as 4 flat pace is regarded as fast, at least in Malaysia. I did 43:06min for 10k TM Fan Run (GPS 9.6k) last year and I need to shave off 3 or 4 mins from the timing. It’s a lot actually. I’ll try my best. 10k is also part of my redemption as I DNFed this distance back in my Uni years. Long story. I will write about it in my next entry. 

I will not stop trying!
Wakey wakey!
There were numerous times I doubted myself. This target seems too ambitious and there's possibility I won't achieve it at all. But then I've come a long way. My earliest timing wasn't that flattering. Fattening yes LOL. I successfully reduce my 10k timing from 1:14hr (2010) to 43:06min (2014). Once I achieved this target, I’ll shift slowly to HM & FM. Quality over quantity. Btw, I'm seeking for personal satisfaction with this mission as I was a failure once. I'm not seeking for attention or glory. I've changed my Twitter & Instagram profile description as a way to show my seriousness in this matter. Why so serious (Joker)? Hahahahaa. Wish me luck!

99 problems?

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