Tuesday, December 2, 2014

No drama no run? The birth of a drama-less blog?

No drama no run? The birth of a drama-less blog?

I’ll touch specifically this time on why do i blog. Why do I even care to blog? Why I don’t bother if people actually read my blog. I’ll also tell the story behind this blog weird name. Friends complained this blog contents are on the contrary with its name LOL. Running without drama is actually a tad boring but too much drama might kill others mood and perception. You don’t just simply run and go home afterwards. There must be an interesting story on why do you run, preparation before running, thought during the run and the conclusion of the run. The story gets more interesting if you participates in a race especially a competitive one. Lots of things happened and it’s a waste if not getting it recorded. Doesn’t matter if it’s via writing or picture. Plus picture speaks thousand words.

I’m not a hard-core blogger. Not a serious one. I drafted an entry and usually took me weeks or months to finalise it before publishing LOL. I write based on my current mood. No mood no words. I don’t care my blog rating, who reads my blog post, the traffic, the keywords etc. Being popular is not my target. I also don’t generate money/income/free gift from my blog. No ad, no product testing, no whatsoever. But then maybe I can do some running product review. Hmmm, sounds like a plan. However, I do reply to people who commented. I like their effort and I feel obliged to respond. I don’t know if my blog do inspire people but I hope so. I’m not a prolific writer and my grammar sucks. So to the grammar nazi out there, please keep it to yourself hahahaha. I turn on spellcheck option for my drafts so that any spelling or grammar mistakes are kept to minimum.

Okay, let’s move on to the history of the No Drama Drama Just Run name. It’s all started in 2012. Aizat had started his own blog and I was featured many times since I was his running partner/ accomplice hehehe. I had this idea of writing my own blog but it failed to materialize because I was too lazy to start/write hahaaha. Lame. Let’s the story begins.

I participated in KL Fabulous Food Hunt in 2012 with 3 friends. Their format was quite simple, go to their designated checkpoint with public transport and perform the tasks. Then they’ll stamp the form. Seems easy but believe me my friend it was not. Since the event name was Fabulous Food Hunt, the task obviously involved eating various foods in a big portion. Only one member can eat that food at one checkpoint. Daud wrote a great blog post on this. We ate nasi lemak, nasi ayam, sate, mee bandung, cendol, roti canai, vegetarian food, nasi campur, sate, steamboat and rojak. A lot! Glorious food indeed! We took lrt, taxi and also running/walking. We ‘sesat’ litle bit and cost us some time. We got 55th placing out of 100 teams. Not bad lah considering this was our first time participating and none of us knew KL that well haha.
Four is for foursome!
From left Izwan, me, Sani & Najib.
Us in paper y'll - fefeeling femes
Buruk lantak, anak sape nih
Aiyoh, in newspaper oso got. Mulut naga!
It was a great experience but I felt super tired post-event. My tummy experienced trauma of eating too much too LOL. Eating a lot and racing in the same time. We were the first timers but our competitiveness spirit was there. We didn’t participate for the sake of participating. The tired feeling was too much to bear; even running full marathon cannot beat this. I arrived home quite late as we had dinner 1st (plus gossip as usual LOL) before heading home. I was supposedly tumpang carpooling with Aizat to go to the inaugural Great Eastern Live Great Run a day after at MATRADE. Since my whole body sore and the tiredness feeling still lingers, I texted him saying that I want to DNS the Great Eastern Live Great Run. Aizat didn’t agree with my DNS option but I was not in the running mood. Goodbye Live Great Run, I’m not ready for you. B2B wasn’t my thing. No stamina to do it. Tummy superfull also. How to run with sore body and full tummy ah. I slept around 10am and slept like a baby. I woke up at 5plus am. My body felt ok. I felt fresh. Not tired. I contacted Aizat but he was on his way to the place already. Plan B. I contacted Kamal & he was willing to wait for me. I drove fast to Kamal’s house and ‘tumpang’ him to the race site. We arrived just in time before the flag off. But then, I was quite far from the starting line. The race was flagged off slightly late. I ran without any big expectation/target. I didn’t have Garmin watch yet at that time and it was quite impossible to check my pace as I was using Nike+ app. We were required to climb over road barrier, 1km before the finishing line. I crossed the finishing line in 01:02:00.48 nett time (pace 5:10min/km) and it was a PB!!!! I was shocked and disbelieved. The last 12km that I did was Men's Health & Shape Night Run 11.8km in July in 01:08:16.06 nett time (pace 5:42min/km). The last 10km that I did was Nike We Run KL 10K 00:53:42.05 (5:22min/km) in October. I successfully save 12s/km if referring to the Nike Run. For me, that’s a lot! PB is actually hard to come by. Syukur. That awesome feeling you got after a PR/PB is hard to describe. Met Aizat and he said drama. Too much drama. From almost DNS to PB hahahaa. I guess the fabulous foods that I ate yesterday fuelled my run too well. It was a fabulous run. I didn’t plan it to be this way, chock-full of drama. A weirdest case, one of a kind.
Bang bang boom. Killing them softly with my brightest smile ;)
No drama drama just pose hihi
WARs @ Live Great Run 2012

with Aizat, who gave idea to the birth of this blog, yosh!
The moment was too epic and unforgettable. From that experience, I suddenly got this tagline of ‘no drama drama just run.’ Obviously this tagline was on the contrary with what was happened. This tagline was meant for a suggestion, please run without any unnecessary drama or attention. Usually an unwanted attention. However, like I previously said no drama no run LOL. It works in tandem & reciprocated. The birth of this blog was from that tagline, as a way to record my beautiful moments from any races I’ve participated. Roarisme? I usually use roar as my nickname for many years. I just wanna say roar is me and hence it became roarisme, as if it was an –isme. It was nice though. That’s all I wanna say. Happy reading ;-)


  1. Wahhh I missed my 2012 body figure ehh! Injury free too eh... Tetap la muka n nama aku bnyk dlm entry nih... #siapalahai #hailtodramaqueen eh ����

    1. Yezza, entry ni sbg kenangan body lama ko eh. U r alwiz welkam utk rujuk gmbr sendiri2 yg lama hahahaha. Konfemlah muka ko paling byk, kang kata tak mengenal body eh budi plak